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What Does A Home Inspection Include?
A Home Inspection includes a visual examination of the buildings from top to bottom. The inspector evaluates the condition of the structure, roof, drainage, and water leaks – both incoming and out going. Walls, windows, doors, leaks – visible, water drainage, external walls, pool operations, walkways, stairs and patios. Only those items that are visible and accessible, by normal means are included in the report.
When Do I Request A Home Inspection?
The best time to consult Home Inspection is right after you have made an offer to purchase. Ask the estate agent to write a clause into the contract that the Home Inspection Report is part of the condition of sale. Can A Property “Fail” A Home Inspection? No. A professional Home Inspection is simply an examination into the current condition of your prospective property purchase. An inspector, therefore, will not pass or fail a building, but will simply describe the condition and indicate which items will be in need of repair or replacement.
What If The Home Inspection Report Reveals Problems?
If the Home Inspection Report finds problems in the building, it does not necessarily mean that you should not buy it, only that you are made aware of what type or repairs to anticipate. A seller may be willing to make repairs because of significant problems discovered by the Home Inspection. If your budget is tight, or if you do wish to become involved in future repair work, you may decide that this is not the property for you. The choice is yours.
If The Home Inspection Report Is Favourable, Did I Really Need A Home Inspection?
Definitely! Now you can complete your purchase with peace of mind about the condition of the property. You may have learned a few things about your property from the Home In section Report, and will want to keep it for future reference. Above all, you can be rest assured that you are making a well-informed purchase decision and can enjoy your property with peace of mind.

Gauteng, South Africa